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Get instant streaming access to our full family of school counseling resources anywhere you’ve got internet access. Covering grades Pre-K through 12 in all the topics you care about, including Bullying, Substance Abuse, Sex and Dating, Career Counseling and much more. Hundreds of titles of cutting-edge counseling videos for one low yearly fee. Note: your payment method will be re-billed on a yearly basis for continued access. Note: access is per user. Institutional pricing is available. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-386-0253, or email at for more information on that.

A sampling of videos included:

Titles included in this collection:

  • Got Empathy?
  • Cliques?
  • Why Do Bullies Bully?
  • Internet Bullies
  • What’s Respect
  • Everybody’s Different
  • Angry?
  • Got a Problem?
  • Drugs & Alcohol and Your Choice
  • Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts
  • Say No With Pride
  • Sex Facts: Teens and STD’S
  • Sexting: Sex plus Text equals Trouble
  • Bullying: There’s Always a Way Out
  • Sexual Abuse: It’s not your fault
  • Puberty For Boys: Top Ten Things To Expect
  • Puberty For Girls: Top Ten Things To Expect
  • Choose My Plate: A Lunch LadyS Guide To Healthier Eating
  • Digital Safety, Responsibility And Awareness Grade 3-5
  • Digital Safety, Responsibility And Awareness Grade 6-8
  • Get Along Monsters: Its Okay To Say No
  • Play It Out: Digital Distractions (How To Stay Safe, Healthy And Sane.)
  • Play It Out: How To Be Assertive (Sticking Up For Yourself)
  • Play It Out: Texting And Sexting (Think Before You Hit Send)
  • Play It Out: How To Fight Fair (The Rules Of Engagement)
  • Play It Out: Healthy Dating Relationships (Head Over Heels? How To Keep Your Balance. )
  • Play It Out: Unhealthy Dating Relationships (Are You Blinded By The Bright Light Of Love?)
  • My Blog: Dangers Of Texting And Sexting (What Kind Of Message Are You Sending?)
  • My Blog: Working Things Out (The Answer Is Out There)
  • Get Along Monsters: Lets Make Up
  • Get Along Monsters: Everybody Makes Mistakes
  • Get Along Monsters: Stop Picking On Me
  • Get Along Monsters: Don’t Call Me Names
  • Get Along Monsters: No More Teasing
  • My Blog: A Little Respect Please
  • My Blog: What To Do About Rumors, Taunts And Bullies (How To Stop The Pain)
  • Marvel And Friends: Transitions And Change
  • Marvel And Friends: Staying Clean And Healthy
  • My Blog: Internet Bullies? (Just A Click Away)
  • My Blog: Clique, Clique, Clique! Ouch! (Sometimes Cliques Hurt)
  • My Blog: Why Are There Bullies? (What Are They Thinking?)
  • My Blog: Dealing With Bullies (And No One Gets Hurt)
  • My Blog: WhatS Empathy? Do I Have It?
  • My Blog: WeRe Different (But The Same)
  • My Blog: How To Handle Anger (Without Exploding)
  • Get Along Monsters: 5 Ways To Work Things Out (Without Fighting)
  • Get Along Monsters: 8 Ways To Handle Anger (Without Hitting)
  • Get Along Monsters: We All Get Mad (Sometimes)
  • Marvel And Friends: Sharing And Taking Turns
  • Children of Military Families: Volume 3, Homecoming and Military Pride
  • Children of Military Families: Volume 2, Ways to Cope
  • Children of Military Families: Volume 1, The Experience and Feelings
  • Children and Grief: Volume 3, Life After Death
  • Children and Grief: Volume 2, Ways to Cope
  • Children and Grief: Volume 1, The Experience and Feelings
  • Children and Divorce: Volume 3, Ways to Cope
  • Children and Divorce: Volume 2, The Transition
  • Children and Divorce: Volume 1, The Experience and Feelings
  • Gay, Straight & Accepted
  • Your Body, Your Health and Drugs
  • There’s Always Help: Suicide Prevention
  • Talk It Out: What Is An Eating Disorder?
  • Kids For Safety: Bicycle, Fire, Personal
  • Look Mom! I Have Good Manners
  • Digital Safety, Responsibility And Awareness
  • Play It Out: Understanding Sexual Consent (The Physical, Emotional And Legal Consequences)
  • Play It Out: The Sex Talks You Must Have (Before You Decide To Become Sexually Active)
  • Play It Out: Am I Ready For Sex? (How Will I Know?)
  • My Blog: How To Get Along (Without Beating Each Other Up)
  • Kids For Safety: School Bus Safety
  • My Blog: When Bffs Go Bad (Responsibility In A Digital World)
  • My Blog: 5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety
  • Talk It Out: I Have An Eating Disorder. Now What?
  • Talk It Out: What Causes Eating Disorders?
  • Everyday Conflicts: Conflict Resolution
  • Teens 101: Asperger’s (Shawns Story)
  • Teens 101: Social Media Bullying (Cristinas Story)
  • Teens 101: Identifying Transgender (Davids Story)
  • Teens 101: Depression and Self-Harm (Brittanys Story)
  • Teens 101: Eating Disorder/Nutrition (Sterlings Story)
  • Teens 101: First Nations (Lindsays Story)
  • Teens 101: Depression and Anxiety (Eleanors Story)
  • Teens 101: Who Am I (Eileens Story)
  • Teens 101: LGBTQ Acceptance (Joeys Story)
  • Teens 101: Broken Families (Lydias Story)
  • Teens 101: Breaking Poverty (Billionaire Pas Story)
  • Teens 101: Don’t Diss My Abilities (Michelles Story)
  • Teens 101: I’m Not Addicted (Wills Story)
  • Talk It Out: Heroin Abuse and Addiction
  • Talk It Out: Tobacco, Vaping and Nicotine
  • Talk It Out: Underage Drinking, Dangers and Consequences
  • Talk It Out: How Addiction Enslaves Your Brain
  • Talk It Out: Effects of Weed on Your Body and Brain
  • Talk It Out: Sex, Self-Respect and Social Media
  • Let’s Talk About Marijuana
  • Let’s Talk About Alcohol
  • Let’s talk About Tobacco
  • Let’s Talk About: What You Need to Know About Drugs
  • Teen Dating Abuse
  • Stranger Danger Awareness: The 5 Traps
  • The Bully Report
  • You Can Keep Yourself Safe: Touching Safety & Stranger Safety
  • School Violence: You Can Help Prevent It!
  • Student Health and Safety: Stopping Bullying Through the IEP
  • Moving Up to Middle School: Volume 3 – Problems Solved: Advice from Middle Schoolers
  • Moving Up to Middle School: Volume 2 – Surviving the Middle School Social Scene
  • Moving Up to Middle School: Volume 1 – Getting a Grip on Middle School
  • Attack from Within: Living with Arthritis
  • HIV AIDS: It’s Still A Big Deal
  • Lets Talk About: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Let’s Talk About: Diabetes

And for your Life and Work Skills Modules:

  • SDS Nb Public Speaking Program 2: Dynamic Delivery
  • SDS Nb Public Speaking Program 1: Conquering Stage Fright
  • SDS Nb Interviewing Program 2: Putting Your Best Foot Forw
  • SDS Nb Interviewing Program 1: Getting Ready
  • SDS Nb Resume & Cover Letters Program 2: Standing Out
    SDS Nb Resume & Cover Letters Program 1: Basic Layout
  • Get That Job
  • Cooking with Class: Death by Chocolate
  • Cooking with Class: Open Wide and Say Ostrich
  • Cooking with Class: Pasta Please
  • Cooking with Class: No Meat-No Problem
  • Cooking with Class: Pick a Pepper, Any Pepper
  • Cooking with Class: Wild Boar-Fit for a King
  • Cooking with Class: Rustic Bison
  • Cooking with Class: Edible Flowers and Weeds
  • Cooking with Class: Fresh Spring Lamb
  • Cooking with Class: Fine Kettle of Fish
  • Cooking with Class: Magic of Mushrooms
  • Cooking with Class: Cheese with Everything
  • Cooking with Class: Free-Range Chicken
  • SDS Finance Module 10: Raising Capital
  • SDS Finance Module 9: Corporate Finance
  • SDS Finance Module 8: Cost
  • SDS Finance Module 7: Important Concepts
  • SDS Finance Module 6: Bonds
  • SDS Finance Module 5: Diversification
  • SDS Finance Module 4: Investing
  • SDS Finance Module 3: Money Management
  • SDS Finance Module 2: Assets And Liabilities
  • SDS Finance Module 1: The Basics
  • SDS Nb Personal Finance Program 1 – Money Basics
  • SDS Nb Personal Finance Program 2 – Saving Strategies

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