Children and Divorce: Vol. 1 The Experience and Feelings


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Grade Level: K-8
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This DVD is part of a series of 3 on the topic of children and divorce. The Experience and Feelings portions include chapters on “What Divorce Means to Me,” “How I Heard,” “My Biggest Worry,” “Things That Help,” and “If I Had a Magic Wand.”

About the Series

In Professor Child’s Children and Divorce series, children teach others about divorce by sharing their personal experiences. They describe what divorce means to them, how it has changed their lives, what has helped, what they love most about their families, and much more. Viewers will be left with a sense of hope and an understanding that they are not alone in experiencing divorce. Each volume includes a companion workbook with numerous discussion questions and creative exercises corresponding to the film.


“These children have much to teach their contemporaries about what has happened to them and their families.” -SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Mediators have the sometimes challenging job of developing an agreed upon parenting plan for children and families. “Children and Divorce”, a unique film produced by Professor Child, is helping parents understand what children experience during divorce, but may not feel comfortable communicating to their parents.” – Oregon Mediation Association

In Vol 1, the Experience and Feelings, chapters include What Divorce Means to Me, How I Heard, My Biggest Worry, Things That Help, and If I Had a Magic Wand.

Run Time: 17
Copyright: 2015
Studio: Professor Child