Hoppin’ Home Conflict Mgmt Board Game


Price: $49.95
Media Type: Game Set
Grade Level: K-5
Product Code: GH4432

The fun and exciting board game was created to reinforce Kelso’s Choice . Part of The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox, it will get children engaged and excited about conflict management. Easy to play, engaging, and a great reinforcement of Kelso’s Choices. This game is intended for small group counseling sessions, for parents to use at home and more. Questions are open-ended and apply to many scenarios. They include questions like, “How would you react if someone shoves you to be first in line?” and “What’s an example of a Kelso’s Choice you would use if you accidentally bumped into someone and knocked their books to the floor?” There are fun bonus actions, as well, to keep game play fast-paced and engaging.

For 2 or More Players. See instructions to the game: click here.

Please Note: The Hoppin’ Home Board Game is intended for existing users of Kelso’s Choice. It will further develop and refine the Kelso’s Choice concepts and philosophy, and does not constitute a stand-alone product. It needs to be played after the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit lessons have been implemented.

For those looking for additional activities and reinforcements, you can find this game bundled in the Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox, with an all-new workbook of activities (distinct from those bundled in the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit) and much more. To see a list of everything included in Counselor Activity Toolbox, as well as a Table of Contents, click here.

For the complete Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit, the foundation of all these activities and lessons, click here.

Copyright: 2011
Producer: Kelso’s Choice