Banners in the playground, banners in the lunchroom, banners in the hall… when kids are reminded of Kelso’s Choices, you’ll see a drop in discipline referrals, bullying and tattling. Support children’s social emotional learning and promote peace in your classroom and your school.

A colorful visual of Kelso’s nine problem-solving solutions on a “Kelso’s Choice Wheel” to be displayed in playgrounds, lunch area, halls, gymnasiums and more. Children will use the conflict management skills they’re taught in the classroom out on the playground where most conflicts happen with this colorful display as a fun reminder. Children having a “small” problem? Before having yard duty solve it, point to the banner and have the children solve it themselves! A wonderful way to extend the reach of your program.

Created to accompany the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Program. Colorful and fun illustrations of Kelso the frog acting out the nine different choices for elementary-aged children to use when facing a “small” problem.