It’s Your Body, You’re In Charge


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Grade Level: K-2
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Empower even the youngest children to feel that they have control over their own bodies. This program helps them differentiate between good and bad touches, learn that they have the right to say ‘no’ to a touch that makes them feel uncomfortable, understand the ‘touching rule’ and realize if they experience a bad touch, they MUST speak up and tell an adult they trust what happened. From the comfort of a hug or the joy of a high-five, to tickling that starts out as fun, but turns unpleasant, to the abusive touching of a private part of a child’s body, this program will give youngsters the courage to protect themselves by speaking up!

After viewing this program, students will:
-Trust their feelings about touches
-Learn what parts of their bodies are private
-Differentiate between good and bad secrets
-Recognize that saying ‘no’ and talking to a trusted adult can keep them safe.

Teacher’s guide included.


Run Time: 20
Copyright: 2006
Studio: AIM Education
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only