Get Along Monsters: We All Get Mad (Sometimes)


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Media Type: DVD
Grade Level: K-4
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In this program, the Get-Along Monsters assist young children learn strategies that will help them to solve problems in safe and appropriate ways. Each segment combines humorous, animated segments and age-appropriate, live-action scenarios to demonstrate easy-to-understand skills. Each concept and skill is reviewed and reinforced with a memorable music video.

In the “Hands Down, Use Your Words”, children learn that hitting and poking does not solve problems, but can make the problems worse. Viewers see how using your words and talking about the problem can lead to a safe and happy solution. In the next segment, “Don’t Blame, Ask Questions”, viewers will learn strategies to use when they face a problem. Children will learn that making assumptions and blaming makes other people angry and makes problems worse. Viewers discover how asking questions can help solve a problem before it begins.

In “Try Different Ideas”, children will learn that when you encounter a problem, you can come up with ideas to solve the problem. Viewers will also come to understand that there may be many ideas that can solve a problem and you can work to find a solution that makes everyone happy.

Run Time: 13
Copyright: 2009
Studio: Mazzarella Media