Get Along Monsters: 5 Ways To Work Things Out (Without Fighting)


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Grade Level: K-4
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Every day, young people face problems with friends, family and schoolmates. This program gives kids five strategies to help them resolve the problems they face in a safe and appropriate way. Children are taught that hitting is not a way to solve a problem and that fights can be avoided when they use their words to talk about the problem. The program demonstrates how blaming someone else for the problem doesn’t resolve the problem, but asking questions can lead to a satisfactory resolution for everyone involved. The program also shows that you can have different ideas to resolve a conflict. Also, when there’s a problem that’s too difficult to solve, you can always ask a grown-up for help.

A great complement to the Kelso program, giving new ideas for solving problems.

Run Time: 13
Copyright: 2009
Studio: Mazzarella Media