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Learning Character with Kelso streaming video. Now access Kelso from your preferred device, on the go!


See good character in action! Short, true-to-life vignettes show your class how students just like them demonstrate good character. This video presents a scenario for each of the five character traits for K-3rd grade students and a whole new set of scenarios for 4th-5th grade students.

This video program helps children understand the meaning of these complex concepts by presenting short, true-to-life vignettes. Watch as students approach an everyday situation without utilizing a good character skill, followed by a vignette of the students approaching the same situation, this time, using the good character skill. Students will see how other children apply good character in class, at recess and at home.

This streaming video is presented in two separate, developmentally appropriate sections:


  • SCENARIO 1: RESPECTFUL – Students enter a class after recess, and they’re all still buzzing with excitement. What can they do to be respectful?
  • SCENARIO 2: CARING – Some students are playing Keep Away with a girl’s hat during recess, and she’s starting to get annoyed. What can another student do to show she cares?
  • SCENARIO 3: FAIR – A boy gets three strikes in a game of baseball. What could he do to be fair?
  • SCENARIO 4: RESPONSIBLE – A girl has made a mess in her bedroom and now can’t find a thing. What can she do to be responsible?
  • SCENARIO 5: HONEST – It’s snack time, and a boy pulls out his lunch sack, but it’s dripping wet. His juice was leaking and making a mess everywhere. What can he do to be honest?


  • SCENARIO 1: RESPECTFUL – It’s lunchtime and students are already packing up and heading to the playground, but one girl is still eating. What can they do to be respectful?
  • SCENARIO 2: CARING – Some friends are playing a video game, but one of the boys’ younger brothers is just watching, bored. What can they do to show they care?
  • SCENARIO 3: FAIR – A group of boys are playing basketball when a girl asks if she can join the game, causing tension. What can they do to be fair?
  • SCENARIO 4: RESPONSIBLE – After students in Ms. Graham’s class had a party, the room was left in disarray. What can they do to be responsible?
  • SCENARIOS 5: HONEST – Two girls spot money on the ground, and no one seems to notice. What can they do to be honest?

Great resource to be used by school counselors, teachers, daycare instructors, and more!

This streaming video is part of the comprehensive Building Character with Kelso Kit, a robust new addition to the beloved classic, Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit, which has been empowering kids to make great choices for over 25 years. To learn more about the full Building Character with Kelso Kit, including a list of components and a Table of Contents, click here.

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