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Special Bundled Price 

Our most comprehensive program for grades K-5.

For the power user, this full kit bundle consists of:

A robust system with hundreds of pages of activities, over 80 lessons and a wealth of supporting games, reproducible and more, this kit gives you everything you need to help students resolve conflict and thrive.

Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit, our flagship program now in its 4th Edition, has been beloved by school counselors and children alike for over 25 years. Helping empower children to make good choices and solve conflict on their own, school administrators and counselors often find that discipline referrals are reduced dramatically when the Kelso system is implemented comprehensively and school-wide.

Get off to a fast and simple start with the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit, which includes comprehensive lessons, some tailored to children K-3 and others more specifically geared to the evolving sensibilities of 4th and 5th grade students. You get:

  • DVD with vignettes putting Kelso’s Choices into action in a way children immediately understand
  • Valuable Leader’s Guide with nearly 150 pages of material
  • Over a dozen reinforcement activities
  • Reproducible masters, including Parent Letter, Staff Letter, Personnel Scripts, and handy Kelso’s Wheels
  • Colored Willow Pond Storybook
  • Kelso and Lily puppets for acting out scenarios
  • 5 piece K-3 poster set
  • 5 piece Grade 4-5 poster set

This highly effective and time-tested conflict-management curriculum, intended for Grades K-5, is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker.

The key concept of the Kelso’s Choices Curriculum are the Kelso’s Choices, a set of nine precepts that even young children can easily understand and internalize. By giving students a language with which to face and resolve conflict, Kelso’s Choices empower children to figure out what is a big problem they should take to an adult and what is a manageable problem they can handle themselves. Watch children take ownership, figure out how to share and diffuse situations and reduce tattling to virtually nil with Kelso’s Choices. Our handy Leader’s Guide gets you started implementing this powerful system starting on Day 1.

In addition to the core program, this bundle also provides you with:

The Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit

Designed for the counselor or teacher who wants to enrich children’s experiences with Kelso’s Choices, or for the school implementing hte curriculum across multiple grades over several years, the Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit gives you additional lessons, vignettes and games to keep the program fresh and relevant for years. You get:

  • Additional (original) lessons tailored specifically to grades K-3 and 4-5
  • New Teachers’ Guide over 100 pages long
  • It’s Your Choice card game
  • DVD with all-original scenarios for kids to see the choices in action
  • Nearly a dozen all-new Reinforcement Activities
  • Reproducible masters
  • All-in-one Parents Night Presentation kit to encourage families to reinforce Kelso’s Choices at home
  • Certificates and fun “Caught Using Kelso’s Choices” reproducible rewards

The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox

Ideal for small group counseling sessions, this action-oriented kit includes:

  • All-new workbook filled with activities and crafts
  • DVD with new, original vignettes
  • Kelso’s “Hopping Home” Board Game – a student favorite! 
  • Parent letters to encourage involvement in implementing Kelso’s Choices
  • Score sheets
  • Reward charts
  • Full-color Willow-Pond Storybook

Building Character with Kelso Curriculum Kit


The curriculum contains differentiated instruction for lower and upper elementary students while keeping language consistent throughout all grade levels. Students are introduced to each trait by identifying what it looks, sounds and feels like. As the lessons progress, students develop a more complex understanding of what it means to have good character. Diverse lesson styles cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners while being engaging and fun!

Leader’s Guide
This comprehensive leader’s guide includes  complete lesson plans, beginning with core lessons for Grades K-3 which incorporate the use of the K-3 Photo Card Flip Book to show young students what each of the five character traits look, sound, and feel like. Core lessons are followed by K-3 Extension Lessons to be used to reinforce the core lessons throughout the school year. Each lesson varies between 30 – 40 minutes, and includes a “Preparation Difficulty” gauge to help busy counselors quickly know how much prep time each lesson will require.

Upper elementary students (grades 4-5) have their own lessons based around the K.C. Star visual rather than the Kelso Star. These lessons have more mature, age-appropriate content that address pre-teen social issues such as social media and friendship drama. The upper elementary section includes core lessons for Grades 4-5 which incorporate the use of the Grades 4-5 Photo Card Flip Book. Core lessons are followed by Grades 4-5 Extension Lessons to support the core lessons throughout the year.

At the back of the leader’s guide, there are Reinforcement Activities (quick, fun worksheets to support the lessons of the curriculum), as well as Reproducible Masters (useful documents to be reproduced for staff, parents, and students – included on the CD).

Photo Card Flip Books
This curriculum comes with 2 large, durable, full-color photo card books (one for Grades K-3, one for Grades 4-5). The photo books display each of the 5 character traits in 3 settings – at home, in class, and on the playground. For every setting, photos of children display a situation where the student is clearly not using the character trait. Below the large image is a brief description of what is being displayed to give students context. Students are then asked to describe how the people in the image feel, sound and feel like. Then, students are asked to predict what the situation will look like with the character trait. On the following card, the image depicts the same situation with the children using the character trait. Students are then asked follow-up questions to close out the scenario card.

Each book is bound with binder rings that can be opened up so photo cards can be displayed side-by-side. The leader’s guide includes lesson plans to show you how to use this component.

This DVD includes five vignettes for grades K-3, and five vignettes for grades 4-5.
Presents a scenario for each of the five character traits for K-3 students and five different scenarios for upper elementary students. This video program helps children understand the meaning of these complex concepts by presenting short, true-to-life vignettes. Watch as students approach an everyday situation without utilizing a good character skill, followed by a vignette of the students approaching the same situation, this time, using the good character skill. Students will see how other children apply good character in class, at recess and at home.

This full-color storybook explains what each character trait is through whimsical stories about Kelso the Frog and his Willow Pond friends. Read entertaining stories such as how two raccoon siblings sneakily steal Sally the Squirrel’s stash of winter nuts and the lessons they learned, plus five other stories! Each story includes discussion questions throughout the story as well as a list of questions to ask students at the end of every story.

Kelso and Lily Hand Puppets
Two plush hand puppets to use throughout lessons, during story time or simply to get children excited about learning about character education!

Large Posters
Remind students about Character Education with these high-gloss, large, full-color posters! This curriculum includes five Grades K-3 posters, and five Grades 4-5 posters to post around your school. The K-3 posters include illustrations of Kelso the Frog and his froggie friends, while the Grades 4-5 poster uses photographs of real pre-teens!

This Kelso Full Kit Bundle (#GH5312) gives you a wealth of material with easy-to-follow instructions you can start using right away. And, as always, we stand behind our products, so feel free to call our Customer Service Department with questions… any time!

Want to know more? Check out the Table of Contents for each of the kits:

Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management
The Booster Curriculum
The Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox
Building Character with Kelso Curriculum Kit

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love Kelso, that we’ll take all the risk for you. Try it out for 60 days and if you don’t like it, we’ll provide you your money back… no questions asked. There’s a reason why Kelso has been used by thousands since 1992… it works, and kids love it.  That’s why we’re confident in offering this no-risk 100% money back guarantee.

The printable material included in the curriculum kits can now be accessed online. Please click HERE for the quick reference guide on how to access the materials.

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