Welcome to the page for our Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Resources and products. Kelso’s Choice was been in the marketplace for over 25 years. It  helps children up to grade 5 tell the difference between a big problem and a small problem, and gives them tools that empower them to solve conflicts on their own.

Engaging, visual, and easy for kids to learn, it dramatically reduces discipline referrals and frees up school staff to implement their vision for a peaceful school. Based on nine easy-to-remember choices, as visually represented in the popular Kelso’s Choice wheel, the curriculum teaches through activities, games, reinforcements and much more. Great to implement from the classroom to the playground, it is a holistic approach to reduce tattling and bring peace and cooperation to schools and homes. A leading curriculum for conflict management, it comes with a full complement of teaching aids and fun reinforcements.

Choose from our main conflict management kit, as well as our many reinforcements and supplemental kits to round out your curriculum.

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