5-Trait Sticker Set 20 of Each


Price: $24.95
Media Type: 100 Stickers
Grade Level: K-5
Product Code: GH5462

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Want to reinforce great character traits? These stickers for each of Kelso’s character traits are wonderful as reinforcements, prizes, and reminders. Get 20 each of the character traits for Building Character with Kelso, illustrated with an eye-catching image of Kelso.

Reward specific behavior with stickers that help kids remember to be caring, responsible, and otherwise have good character. Colorful, eye-catching… encourage kids to collect them all!

Set includes 100 stickers (20 each of 5 individual character traits).  Stickers are 2” each. Enjoy Kelso’s individual character trait stickers.

Click here to learn more about the Building Character with Kelso Kit.

Copyright: 2018
Producer: Kelso’s Choice

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