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See Kelso’s Choices in action…outside the schoolhouse walls! Short, true-to-life vignettes of realistic, age-appropriate problems that can occur outside of school. Help students see how kids use conflict management solutions to solve everyday problems.

The DVD is presented in two separate sections. Each section presents five different opportunities for kids to see common conflicts and how they can be solved with Kelso’s Choices.

  • Grades K-3 hosted by Kelso himself using Kelso’s Choice Wheel.
  • Grades 4-5 hosted by a young teen using the brand new K.C.’s Wheel – a more developmentally appropriate wheel for pre-teens.

Grades K-3 hosted by Kelso himself using choices from Kelso s Choice Wheel

  • Scenario 1: Small Problem. A girl sits at home watching cartoons, her older brother grabs the remote and changes the channel.
  • Scenario 2: Small Problem. A group of kids just finish playing baseball. One of the players older brothers teases him for playing badly and calls him names.
  • Scenario 3: Small Problem. Two girls have a lemonade stand and a neighborhood boy tries to get their attention by riding his bike closely to the stand. He finally ends up running into it and knocking the stand down.
  • Scenario 4: Big Problem. Two kids ride a bike, one is not wearing her helmet. She ends up falling and hitting her head.
  • Scenario 5: Big Problem. Two girls are playing on the playground when an older boy approaches and offers them an energy drink.

Grades 4-5 hosted by a young teen using choices K.C.’s Wheel

  • Scenario 1: Minor Problem. A group of girls are having a slumber party and end up talking about boys. One girl feels very uncomfortable.
  • Scenario 2: Minor Problem A younger sister wants to have a sleep over and borrow her sister s karaoke machine and makeup. The older sister wants to have friends over too. They realize their parents won t both let them have friends over at the same time.
  • Scenario 3: Minor Problem. A child is at home and needs help with his homework, and wants to finish it so he can go outside and play. His dad is busy and cannot offer immediate help.
  • Scenario 4: Serious Problem. Two boys have a box of sodas and try handing them out. They reveal that the drinks were stolen from the local store.
  • Scenario 5: Serious Problem. Two girls go online. One girl reveals that she has an online friend that she wants to meet in person.

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Run Time: 20 Minutes
Copyright: 2011
Producer: Kelso’s Choice

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