9-Choice Wearable Pocket Wheel for K-5


Price: $39.95
Media Type: Lanyard + Card
Grade Level: K-5
Product Code: GH5523

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Love our Kelso Wheel? Now is available in Pocket Size (4×6), perfect for playground supervisors, the lunch room, the hallway, or anywhere where you need quick, easy visual access to Kelso’s nine choices. Help kids make good choices everywhere you go.

Front panel is the Kelso’s wheel and back panel has the script to help kids learn how to solve the conflict.

Each set comes with 10 pocket size cards in the pack and customized “Kelso” lanyard. Each of these lanyards comes with the safety feature of a breakaway clip.

Click here to learn more about the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit.

Copyright: 2023
Producer: Kelso’s Choice

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