24″x36″ Wheel Posters x10 for K-3, EN ESPAÑOL


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Grade Level: K-3
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Help support Spanish-speakers in implementing Kelso’s Choices.

Ten giant 24″ x 36″ full-color posters in Spanish!

¡Tú eliges! It’s your choice!

A colorful visual of Kelso’s nine problem-solving solutions on a “Kelso’s Choice Wheel.” Created to accompany the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Program. Colorful and fun illustrations of Kelso the frog acting out the nine different choices for elementary-aged children to use when facing a “small” problem.

Along with the complete Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management program, it significantly reduces tattling as well as bullying. It also teaches young kids the difference between “small” problems they can handle, and “big,” scary problems that need to be brought to an adult.

The Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management program is a comprehensive curriculum and a beloved classic, now in its 4th edition. With more than 25 years of empowering children to make good choices, Kelso’s Choice is a robust solution in conflict management and much more.

Click here to learn more about the Conflict Management Skills Kit in Spanish

Copyright: 2011
Producer: Kelso’s Choice

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