Conflict Mgmt Wall Art Superpack, EN ESPAÑOL


Price: $400.85
Bundled Price: $300.95
Media Type: Banner and posters
Grade Level: K-5
Product Code: GH5495

Our best deal on banners and posters. Outfit your school with this super-saver pack and display Kelso’s Choices everywhere kids need a reminder of the tools at their disposal to solve small problems. Saver pack includes:

About the components of this superpack:

The Banner:

Kelso Conflict Its Your Choice Banner (Landscape orientation)

A giant 62″ x 40″ (approx. 5ft x 3-1/3ft) Kelso’s Choice vinyl banner with hem and grommet to withstand the outdoors. Made of 13 oz. reinforced, low glare, fire retardant vinyl.

A brand-new, bright design to display Kelso’s nine problem-solving solutions on a “Kelso’s Choice Wheel” in Spanish. Use near playgrounds, in lunch areas, halls, gyms and anywhere children congregate. Kids will use the conflict management skills they’re taught in the classroom and out on the playground where most conflicts happen.  This eye-catching display serves as a constant reminder.

Children having a “small” problem? Before having yard duty solve it, point to the banner and have the children solve it themselves! “Super Kelso” inspires kids to be the heroes in their own lives.

The posters:

Kelso Conflict Poster 10 Pack for grades K-5, size 24×36

Our biggest seller, this 10 pack includes 5 posters for K-3 grades and 5 for 4-5 in an eye-catching design. Post the Kelso wheel everywhere kids need a reminder of the choices they can make to resolve their small conflicts.

Individual Choice posters:

Kelso Conflict, Individual Choice Posters for grades K-5, 8.5×11

Use as easy-to-see flashcards when reminding kids of Kelso’s Choices, decorate your classroom, or get creative with bulletin boards and classroom decor. Each of Kelso’s Choices is displayed in a fun and easy-to-remember Kelso image. A brand new product, only available in this bundle and in the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Curriculum in Spanish (click here for more on that kit).

Please note, Banner will ship separately from the posters


Created to accompany the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Program. Colorful and fun illustrations of Kelso the frog acting out the nine different choices for elementary-aged children to use when facing a “small” problem.

Along with the complete Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management program, these visual aids significantly reduce tattling as well as bullying. It also teaches young kids the difference between “small” problems they can handle, and “big,” scary problems that need to be brought to an adult. This is your best value in Kelso posters!

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