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Kelso’s Choices has been helping children (plus teachers and school counselors) dramatically reduce tattling and conflict for over 25 years. While the entire system is a robust collection of tools and techniques created by early childhood professionals, what you see below are some quick-start methods to begin to significantly and positively impact the behavior of children from Pre-K to the 5th grade.

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Back to Willow Pond Story – Respect

Respect… treating others as you would like to be treated

Kelso Lesson – Respectful

• Define respect
• Name someone that they respect
• Describe how they show respect
• Understand, appreciate, and support the value of respect
• Examine and apply respect skills in various of situations at home, in class, and at recess

Key phrases: Respectful, Politeness, Good Manners, The Golden Rule

Photocards – Respect

The Photo Card Books included with the Building Character with Kelso curriculum kit are to be used with the Core Lessons and as a reinforcement tool.

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