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Looking for a stop tattling lesson? You’ve come to the right place!

stop tattling lessonA stop tattling lesson: how do you keep kids from tattling while still helping them feel heard? It’s the age-old question of teachers and school counselors.

A stop tattling lesson must:

  • Encourage trust and safety. Kids should always know that the can go to a trusted adult.
  • Be easy to understand. Young kids do the most tattling, so lessons must be “small-child-sized.”
  • Offer actionable solutions. Telling kids not to tattle is simply not enough.
  • Be memorable.

Offered here as an instant download, our free Stop Tattling Starter Kit gives you great tools to significantly reduce tattling in your classroom or family. Based on the acclaimed Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit – a resource that’s been used in classrooms in all 50 states and all around the world for over 25 years – it reduces discipline referrals and gives kids the power to solve problems.

Click here to download the Stop Tattling Starter Kit right now.

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