Building Character with Kelso


This NEW character education kit from Kelso encourages students to be:

2013 Communicator Award of Distinction

The Building Character with Kelso curriculum is a powerful tool to develop positive character traits in elementary-aged students. The program is based on the highly acclaimed and successful model of the KELSO’S CHOICE, CONFLICT MANAGEMENT KIT. In this character education kit, Kelso keeps students interested while helping them understand and develop positive character traits to succeed socially and academically.

The curriculum contains differentiated instruction for lower and upper elementary students while keeping language consistent throughout all grade levels. Students are introduced to each trait by identifying what it looks, sounds and feels like. As the lessons progress, students develop a more complex understanding of what it means to have good character. Diverse lesson styles cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners while being engaging and fun!

• Differentiated instruction for lower elementary and upper elementary students
• Develop social skills and increase academic success
• 30-minute lesson plans
• Engaging for student and instructor!

Building Character with Kelso Curriculum Kit

Complete kit includes a DVD, leader’s guide with 42 comprehensive lessons plus activities, Back to Willow Pond storybook with discussion questions, Kelso and Lily hand puppets, grades K-3 Kelso Star 5-pack poster set, and grades 4-5 K.C. Star 5-pack poster set packaged in a handy case with handle. Note: poster sets packaged separately. ©2012

SAMPLE LESSON: Grade 1 – Responsible Lesson

SAMPLE LESSON: Grade 4 – Respectful Lesson


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Items Sold Separately:

Kelso Star Poster Set (Grades K-3)

Ten giant 24” x 36” glossy and durable posters for lower elementary students with illustrations of Kelso clearly demonstrating each of the five character traits. The colorful and fun illustrations provides an easy-to-grasp visual for young, elementary-aged children to understand the complex idea of good character traits. ©2012

Our Price: $79.95 • Item Number: GH4520 More Information

K.C. Star Poster Set (Grades 4-5)

Ten giant 24” x 36” glossy and durable posters with photographs of real
pre-teens clearly demonstrating each of the five character traits. A colorful and dynamic visual to keep kids engaged. ©2012

Our Price: $79.95 • Item Number: GH4521 More Information

“Back to Willow Pond” Storybook

A beautifully illustrated storybook that brings Kelso and his friends to life. Featuring six stories of Kelso and his Willow Pond friends demonstrating each of the five character traits, plus a bonus story of the pond critters using all the character traits together. Includes discussion questions throughout the stories and tips for instructors. The storybook is also accompanied by a CD with a black and white version of the storybook. Print pages out for students to color as the instructor reads the story aloud! ©2012

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“Learning Character with Kelso” DVD

See good character in action! Short, true-to-life vignettes show your class how students just like them demonstrate good character. Presents a scenario for each of the five character traits for K-3 students, and five different scenarios for upper elementary students. ©2012

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Kelso and Lily Puppets

Bring lessons to life with this 14″ Kelso the frog puppet and 12″ Lily the frog puppet with moveable mouth that looks exactly like the characters found throughout the components of the program. Use these puppets to bring the “Back to Willow Pond” storybook to life, or to add a more interactive element to lessons. These puppets will engage young ones and keep them excited about learning!

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    This is an amazing product! When will you have a French version? There is a high demand in Canada for good educational products in French.