The Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit (#GH4429)


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Grade Level: K-5
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Product Code: GH4429
Run Time: 20 minutes

Designed for the counselor or teacher who wants to enrich children’s experiences with Kelso’s Choices, or for the school implementing the curriculum across multiple grades over several years, the Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit gives you additional lessons, vignettes and games to keep the program fresh and relevant for years. You get:

  • Additional (original) lessons tailored specifically to grades K-3 and 4-5
  • New Teachers’ Guide over 100 pages long
  • It’s Your Choice card game
  • DVD with all-original scenarios for kids to see the choices in action
  • Nearly a dozen all-new Reinforcement Activities
  • Reproducible masters
  • All-in-one Parents Night Presentation kit to encourage families to reinforce Kelso’s Choices at home
  • Certificates and fun “Caught Using Kelso’s Choices” reproducible rewards.

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This kit is ideal for counselors already using the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit (4th Edition).
Click here to read more about that kit.

Or buy bundled and save! Our Complete Kit includes this product (the Kelso Booster Curriculum Kit), the Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Kit (4th Edition) and the Kelso Counselor Activity Kit. To learn more about what’s included in that comprehensive kit, as well as to see Table of Contents and more, click here.

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