5-Trait Wearable Flipbook 10-Pack for K-5


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Media Type: Lanyard + Flipbook
Grade Level: K-5
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Wear this fun, flippable lanyard for easy access to Building Character with Kelso on the go! Perfect for playground supervisors, the lunch room, the hallway, or anywhere where you need quick, easy visual access to Kelso’s character traits. Help kids exercise good character everywhere you go.

Front panel is the Kelso’s star (3 inches by 3 inches), and each successive panel illustrates one of the five Character Building traits. All trait names are visible so you can easily flip to the one you need. Laminated to last, get one or outfit your whole school with them.

The character traits come attached by bullfrog clip and binder ring to a bright “Kelso” green custom-branded, sturdy Kelso lanyard. Clip is breakaway for safety.

Wear them all, or choose one a day to reinforce a specific character trait per day. They slip in and out easily from the binder clip.

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Copyright: 2018
Producer:  Kelso’s Choice

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