Banners are some of the best ways to help children remember Kelso, both our foundational Kelso’s Choices, and the pillars of good character taught by our Character Building Curriculum. Bright, fun and visually appealing, they help children remember the key concepts you’re teaching, and when implemented holistically and school-wide, can help lessen discipline referrals, tattling and conflict. Support kids’ social emotional learning with Building Character with Kelso.

Intended for use in conjunction with our all-new Building Character with Kelso curriculum, which builds on 25 years of Kelso success by delving deeper into the skills required for success in school and life. Click here to learn more about Building Character with Kelso, see all the components of this robust system, including a Table of Contents: click here.

These colorful visual displays illustrations of Kelso clearly demonstrating each of the five character traits, an excellent addition to any environment implementing the Building Character with Kelso curriculum. It makes the complex concepts of character traits: respectful, caring, fair, responsible and honest easy to understand at a glance.This ten-pack is perfect for teachers, counseling centers or even parents to display.

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