About the Authors

Diane Hipp co-creator of Kelso's ChoiceDiane (Hipp) Lee is the co-author of Kelso’s Choice. She is a National Certified Prevention Specialist and International Prevention Trainer. Diane has delivered hundreds of trainings across the world at professional conferences, at community forums and in elementary, middle and high schools. Prior to her work as a professional trainer and consultant she spent 15 years as an elementary school counselor. During those years she teamed with Barbara Clark, and together they created Kelso’s Choice.

Diane is an award winning children’s author. Her book Stuart the Donkey won USA Books 2010 Children’s Fiction book of the year. This book is first in a series of self-help books for young children. Diane is the founder and President of Positive Solutions Consulting, Inc. a company that strives to unleash the potential goodness in humankind by promoting proactive, positive solutions to life’s challenges/opportunities. Positive Solutions Consulting promotes healthy, purposeful thinking that can ignite passionate leadership in children and adults and offers innovative interactive trainings and products as a way to leave positive footprints on this earth. Her greatest “JOY” comes from exploring the world of nature with her grandchildren that call her Meema.

Barbara Clark co-creator of Kelso's ChoiceBarbara Clark was awarded her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from Washington State University in 1981. She has over 30 years of experience in the fields of educational research, teaching, consulting, and public school counseling. She began her career at the University level, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Educational Psychology, Research Design, and Educational Statistics and Measurement. Upon moving to Southern Oregon, she worked for 18 years as a Certified Child Development Specialist, teaching affective education and counseling elementary children. For the past 5 years, she has worked as a licensed School Counselor at a high school with over 2,000 students, where she has taken an interest in school security and positive behavior support. For many years, she has served on the Executive Board of the Riverside Center, a non-profit agency serving the needs of severely emotionally disturbed youth.

When working with young children at the elementary level, Barbara and Diane saw the need for a simple and pragmatic conflict resolution program, and they were inspired to create Kelso’s Choice. The philosophy of the program reflects her belief in the intrinsic promise and capability of all individuals, as they have the power to make clear and positive choices in their lives.

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