Co-author, Diane Hipp, Presents to Chief Charlo Students

Diane Hipp, co-author of the Kelso guidance curriculum kits, conducted a school-wide assembly for the students and educators of Chief Charlo Elementary School in Missoula, MT.

On May 8, 2014, Diane Hipp made a visit to Chief Charlo Elementary School to share her counseling expertise in an assembly themed around the character trait, “kindess.” Chief Charlo is an MBI (Montana Behavioral Initiative) school that believes students should be taught all the skills necessary for success: academic, social, emotional, and behavioral. As part of this program, the school focuses on one character trait each month to learn about and practice use of.

Since “kindness” was Chief Charlo Elementary’s trait for the month of May, Diane Hipp arrived on-site with her Kelso and Lily puppets to help with her lesson. Students engaged in a puppet play with the frogs, explaining what “kindness” means, and then acting out scenarios of kindness. Incorporated into the lesson was a segment about “caring” and how it relates to “kindness.” To close out the event, students sung along as Diane recited “Kelso’s Song,” a song teaching the importance of having good character, included in the Building Character with Kelso curriculum. As students trickled out of the assembly and onto the playgrounds, they were still singing Kelso’s song and chanting “Kelso rules!” Diane is honored to have been a part of Chief Charlo’s character education program, and is especially proud of all of the elementary students for their dedication to learning and to displaying good character.

Diane Hipp is a National Certified Prevention Specialist and International Prevention Trainer, conducting all on-site Kelso’s Choice, Building Character with Kelso and other guidance training sessions. To book a training session or to get more information, please click here.

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