Patwin Elementary School receives October Kelso Grant!

leaf graphicCongratulations to Patwin Elementary School in Davis, California for being chosen as the October recipient of the Kelso Grant!

We are confident that school counselor Ellen Shields will put the Building Character with Kelso Curriculum Kit to good use at her school. We are inspired by Ellen’s motivation to find a fun and meaningful character education for her students, despite her school receiving very little funding.

From her unique and creative grant entry, we can tell she has a passion for character education and will make great use of the Building Character kit. Below is an excerpt from her letter.

Dear Kelso and Lily,

It’s your long-lost friend Ellen, the counselor at Patwin Elementary School in Davis, CA! Oh how I’ve missed you both! I’ve been so busy teaching the children at Patwin about how to solve problems with Kelso’s Choice that I haven’t had time to write. Let me tell you how much we could use your Building Character with Kelso Curriculum Kit!

You know that at Patwin we have a Character Word of the Month, right? And at the Character Assembly at the beginning of every month, a class presents a skit so that all the children at Patwin will understand the word and what it means? Well, the classes have been doing a great job with this, and each month a few kids from each class get a certificate for demonstrating that trait…but sometimes I worry that during the month they forget about that special word and how to use it. What these kids really need is a reminder, something super concrete and easy to remember, so that they are able to internalize these traits. Just like your Building Character Kit!

I had the very special opportunity to borrow it from a friend recently, and the Patwinners loved it–I couldn’t believe how great they were at discussing the word “Responsibility” using your wonderful pictures of the kids cleaning up after themselves on the playground, turning in their homework, and picking up their room! They were even able to give me more examples of where and how kids can be responsible. We really need a program to help kids get along–remember I told you about the surveys we asked parents to complete last Spring? Despite the fact that most people love our school, there were lots of comments about how kids are treating each other, in class and on the playground. It sounds like they really need a reminder about respect and all those other words that help us get along. I truly hope my friends from Willow Pond can help us out!

Ellen Shields
School Counselor, Patwin Elementary School Davis, CA

We notified Ellen that she will receive the complete kit, and she was thrilled. She wrote to us, “I can’t tell how excited I am, thank you so much! This is such a generous gift and we will make great use of it. Our Patwinners will love being able to use this program to supplement and extend the learning from our monthly character ed assemblies!”

About the Kelso Grant
Diane Hipp and Barbara Clark, the authors of Kelso’s Choice, are professional school counselors with over 45 years of experience between them. When working with elementary-aged children, Barbara and Diane saw the need for a conflict resolution program and Kelso’s Choice was born. The Building Character with Kelso Kit was created later to expand on character education.

The mission of the Kelso Grant is to provide valuable bullying-prevention tools to schools in need, one school at a time! We are choosing a new grant recipient every month in 2013. Find out how to enter at our grant page.

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One Response to Patwin Elementary School receives October Kelso Grant!

  1. Ruthie Bowers says:

    Thank you for finding Patwin worthy of your Curriculum kit! Ellen is the world’s greatest counselor, and I know she will put it to great use! From all of the Patwin Hawks…THANKS!