3.5 out of 4 stars by Video Librarian

Kelso’s Choice gets a raving review from Video Librarian, the premier video review magazine for public, school, academic and special libraries, providing critical reviews on the top videos in the industry. Read on:

“Kelso in Action, 4th Ed” 3.5 out of 4 stars

(2011) 18 min. DVD: $89.95 (teacher’s guide included). Cerebellum Corporation. PPR. ISBN: 978-1-61867-202-5.

The widely adopted Kelso’s Choice conflict management skills program for children—originally developed in 1992—is a simple system built on the straightforward premise that all kids are “smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict.” Using the graphic of a wheel, youngsters can choose from nine actions, divided into verbal and nonverbal responses. Problems are classified as “small” and “big” (or “minor” and “serious” for upper grades), and viewers are taught to differentiate between the two, as well as advised when to involve a trusted adult. This all-new updated edition of the tried-and-true program is divided into age-appropriate presentations, with the same content—five well-acted vignettes clearly illustrating the peacemaking principles in action (the grades K–3 portion uses the original animated character of Kelso the Frog, while the grades 4–5 section does not). The strategies presented here for children to do their own problem-solving are rooted in practicality and are empowering. The one potential drawback of this excellent production is that it is designed to be implemented using the full curriculum found in the considerably more expensive kit. However, the standalone video can still be very useful for getting kids to think about employing better strategies in their peer relationships. Highly recommended. Aud: K, E, I. (E. Gieschen)

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